Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery / Installation

Yes, many customers lean their mirror against a wall. We strongly advise if you're leaning your mirror, it's a good idea to secure the top of the mirror to the wall surface. 

We do not directly offer an installation service, though we highly recommend that you make your own enquiries, in your city, for a professional installer to handle the installation of your mirror(s). If you are located within the Melbourne Metro area we have a list of recommended contractors here. 

Generally speaking, all of our mirrors are supplied with hanging devices or systems, factory-fitted to the rear of the mirror. Due to the large number of wall surfaces out there, we do not supply any wall fixings.  


Yes! Mirror Mirror has a two-level retail store at 172 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, Melbourne, where a huge range of mirrors is displayed. We have traded from this location for nearly 30 years. 

We proudly service a broad customer base Australia wide, including residential, trade, commercial and corporate customers. 

If an item you are interested in is currently out of stock, you will be able to preorder the item. Each particular item has it's arrival date listed on the product's page. 

For items that have no current arrival date you can select the 'Notify me when available!' prompt to be notified via SMS / Email once the product is available. 

For any lead time queries on a product, contact us here. 

No, we do not do any glass work. We advise that you contact your local glazier. 


Yes! All of our mirrors are suitable for bathroom settings provided your bathroom is a properly ventilated space with an exhaust fan, and not overly exposed to chemical products such as deodorant, perfume etc.  

Like all valuable fixtures and fittings, mirrors need to be maintained and sensibly cared for with suitable products and cleaning practices.

If you need to clean your mirror's glass, we strongly recommend the sparing and careful use of suitable glass cleaning liquid and paper towel, to be used on the glass surface only. Should your mirror's frame need cleaning, gently use a duster. 

A polished mirror edge has been grinded and finely polished to create a smooth finish to the edge of the mirror glass. This edge treatment is used to give the glass a clean, attractive appearance inside the mirrors frame. 

A bevelled mirror edge has been grinded and finely polished to create a smooth, sloped edge, varying normally between 5 - 45 mm. This edge treatment is used to give the glass a classic, multi-reflective appearance inside the mirrors frame. 

If you have any queries regarding what glass option a mirror has, contact us here. 


No, we do not offer mirror repairs. If damage has occured to the mirrored glass only, we advise you contact your local glazier.