Over nearly 30 years, Mirror Mirror has recommended mirrors for thousands of settings and we've learnt a few valuable lessons in our time. If you're struggling to pick from our huge range of mirrors, why not discuss your requirements with one of our knowledgable staff?


All the information we need to apply our expertise:


  1. Desired location for mirror within home (bathroom, hallway etc.)
  2. Width and height of furnishings (if mirror is intended for over a sideboard, let us know the sideboard's total width and height from floor)
  3. Width and height of wall
  4. Relevant themes in home styling (contemporary, classic etc.)
  5. Preferences with regards to shape or style (if any)
  6. Other relevant information about your space


Just send us the above information here, or in an email to (we love to see photos of spaces to give the best possible recommendation, so don't be afraid to attach some!)


It's important to remember that mirrors reflect the space and light in a room, enhancing the ambience and atmosphere of any setting. Hanging a mirror on any wall is like installing a window in a room with a view. For large areas, mirrors make a vast, blank wall come to life.

If you have any questions about our consultation service, please contact us here.