Mirror Mirror strongly recommend's that all mirrors be installed by an experienced professional.  

Though we do not employ any installers directly, we have always referred our customers to a range of professional's who run their own businesses.

Below you will find recommended installation contractors who service the Melbourne Metropolitan area:

  •  Ellis Art Installation (Tom & Anita Ellis)

    0449 871 000

  • The Art & Mirror Hanging Company (Dina Tsifridis)

    0493 111 990

  • All About Hanging (Leeron Myer)

    1800 065 882 / 0433 223 106

  • Hung By Cam (Cam Bishop)

    0424 0155 545

  • Melbourne Art Services (David Brophy)

    0409 688 778

We encourage customers to make enquiries with installation contractors either before or after purchase to discuss the below. It is a good idea to provide this information to your professional installer in order to avoid additional fees and charges:

  • Overall Mirror size.
  • Weight of Mirror (if known).
  • Type of wall (plasterboard, brick, tile etc.).
  • Stairs and difficult access.

*Failure to provide these details may result in additional charges.

Please Note: If you also require your mirror to be delivered, please consider calling one of the above installation contractors prior to purchase, as some of them (depending on the size of your mirror) offer a Delivery & Installation Service. The installer will collect the mirror from Mirror Mirror, and deliver it to you on the date of installation.

It is important to check with any professional installation contractor you engage that their services are suitably insured and guaranteed. 

Should you have any questions regarding our professional installation contractors, please contact us.

For more information regarding Installation, see our Terms of Service.

Feeling handy?

If you do wish to install your mirror yourself, you will need to familiarize yourself with the information below.

So what's on the back of your mirror? Most of our mirrors are fitted with one of two hanging devices. 'D-Rings' or 'J-Bar'.

Due to the wide variety of wall surfaces that exist, we do not supply any wall fittings, screws etc. We recommend a visit to your local hardware store to get the correct advice when it comes to differing wall surfaces.

Below, you will find some basic information regarding the proper use of these hanging devices:


What's on the back of the mirror? This hanging device has a metal plate and a 'D' shaped, swivelling metal hook (pictured above).

The principle of this hanging device is that two suitable fixings need to be securely fitted into the wall surface, in the precise position for the D-Rings to loop over and hang safely.

Some of our mirrors will be supplied with factory fitted D-Rings in both Landscape & Portrait Orientation. Under no circumstances should wire, cord, rope, chain etc. be connected between the two D-Rings for hanging off one fixed point in the wall.

What goes on the wall? See above, the two fixed-points that have been put into the wall. It is imperative that these two wall fittings are suitable for your particular wall surface and are fixed level with each other.

The D-Rings on the back of the mirror are then able to safely loop over the two fixed-points.


What's on the back of the mirror? This hanging device is an aluminium hanging track, extensively used for the installation of heavier mirrors.

The principle of this system is similar to that of a standard 'split batten' hanging device. One piece of J-Bar is fitted to the back of the mirror (pictured above), with one piece for the wall supplied, loose. These two bars are then able to interlock.

What goes on the wall? The piece of J-Bar that is supplied for the wall should have the lip facing upwards (see photo above), so it is able to 'catch' with the J-Bar fitted to the mirror.

Once the J-Bar has been affixed to the wall securely, the mirror can be mounted.

We will always supply our mirrors with the most suitable hanging fitting for the mirror.

Should you have any questions about the way your mirror is fitted, please contact us.