Though we have seen many a mirror trend come and go, it has never changed the fact that the mirror as a home decorating tool is a powerful one.

Gilt mirrors, venetian mirrors, 'scandi' mirrors, frameless mirrors... We have seen almost every category of wall and floor mirror have its time in the spotlight. 

So, what mirrors will shine the brightest in 2024? 

  • Organic shapes


Pictured above: Pebble Black (90 x 150cm)

Mirrors have typically come in 3 main shapes for a long time; rectangle, round, and oval - However, lately there has been a new shape of interest. Organic shaped mirrors are reminiscent of natural forms and objects like stones, leaves, or waves. They are incredibly effective at introducing a touch of individuality or uniqueness to a room. A mirror like Pebble is fantastic at breaking up harsh lines of an interior. Organic shaped mirrors could be considered an evolution of the minimalistic designs that have been popular in recent years. 


  • Gold mirrors 


Pictured above: Lorraine Brass

Australian customers have had a love affair with all things 'Antique Silver' since the early 2000's. Sometimes called 'Pewter' or 'Champagne', these mirror frame colours are the perfect shades to use for both warmth and neutrality. However, glorious Gold is making a long-awaited return. Once upon a time the typical offer of gold mirror frames in Australia was mostly a bright, brassy yellow gold shade. These days we are thrilled to offer a broader range of gold-coloured frames in both modern and classic ranges. Gold has made a comeback in a big way. Their classic nature turns in the opposite direction from minimalism and aren't afraid to make a bold statement. 


  • 'Antique Glass' mirrors


Pictured above: Galaxy (in-store only item).

Often referred to as 'Acid-Etched Mirrors', we have noticed an increased demand for mirror styles featuring an antique glass with an aged appearance. 'Antique Glass' mirrors are characterised by a particular aged, rustic pattern that has been intentionally created and is visible on the mirrored glass. We offer a select range of these items as 'in-store only' product. Some of these mirrors are hand-crafted and finished in our own workshop. Much like the resurgence of gold mirrors as a desirable item in 2023, the increased interest for 'Antique Glass' mirrors may be borne out of a desire for something classical.