In any situation, a mirror will enhance and elevate a setting. However, not all spaces are equal. Here are the top 5 best places to hang a mirror in your home: 

1. Over a mantel / fireplace. 

Audrey Arch Gold over mantel

Pictured above: Audrey Arch Antique Gold (122 x 153cm)

A mirror over a mantel piece can act as a real feature. Perfect in the living or dining rooms where it will get plenty of viewing. Traditionally, placing a mirror over a mantel has always been a popular interior design decision. We have noticed a recent trend by customers who are reverting back to traditional mirrors over their mantels. This is especially true for customers with Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces, who are trying to bring out the vintage charm of their spaces. Depending on the mirrors weight (and the strength of your mantel piece), you can lean a mirror on top of the mantel, or wall mount it. It may be worth discussing your mounting options with one of our Delivery & Installation Contractors. 

2. Over furniture. 

Cuprice over furniture

Pictured above: Cuprice

So, you've got the beautiful sideboard, but your space is looking incomplete... We are proud to have transformed many settings by recommending the use of a mirror over furniture. Whether it is over a sideboard, couch, bed... A mirror can be the finishing touch to a space. Typically, we will recommend a mirror that is in keeping with the style of the furniture below, however an even more important selection criteria is the mirrors size. It can often be tricky to be sure you are selecting the correct size mirror. Need some advice regarding size or style? Contact us here.

3. Entryway.

Raymond Silver in entryway

Pictured above: Raymond Bright Silver (90 x 116cm)

Like any space, placing a mirror in the entryway can help create a feeling of more space and light. The entryway can often be a dark area of the home, coming in from outside. Making the most of the available light in this space can promote a welcoming feeling. Try hanging a mirror above an entry table, or perhaps a full-length mirror on an empty wall. An entryway mirror also has a functional use as it can be used for checking your appearance before heading out the door. 

4. Bathroom. 

Slimline Brass over bathroom vanity
Pictured above: Slimline Antique Brass (Custom Size)

Possibly the most useful mirror in the home, mirrors are an essential item in any bathroom. Just like in an entryway setting, you can hang a mirror over a table (vanity), or a full-length mirror if you have adequate space. Consider selecting a mirror with a simple frame to maximise the amount of 'useable' mirror. Our Slimline range is popular in bathrooms for this very reason, as well as the fact that we can make them in a custom size to suit any space. All our mirrors are able to withstand a wet-room environment, though some form of ventilation (ceiling fan) is strongly recommended. 

5. Blank wall. 

Champagne Black on blank wall.

Pictured above: Champagne Matte Black (in-store only size)

There are many possibilities with a blank wall. Multiple mirrors side-by-side, a mirror montage, or just one, big mirror. Blank walls are the perfect opportunity to include a mirror. We have found that this is one of the best ways to turn a space from underwhelming, into a valued and impressive part of the home. Our advice? Don't go too small. The main mistake that people make when purchasing a mirror is not adequately filling their space. The entire purpose of a mirror is to reflect light and space, and when you select a mirror that is too small it cannot serve that purpose. 

Wherever you are considering putting a mirror, we are here to help! 

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